how to increase penis size- naturally at home

Every Man would love to have a bigger penis, have stronger erections and a better libido. if you have a healthful body and appropriate blood circulate, then you may have a larger, less attackable and more potent penis.
Having a bigger penis absolutely relies upon in your general fitness.

how to increase the size of the penis at home?

If you eat healthy foods and exercise, your blood circulation will increase and your heart will be healthy. All this will make your penis bigger. The smooth muscles of the penis must have good blood circulation to get rich in oxygen, which will then allow them to generate stronger erections. The exercises for the penis also help to lengthen the size of your penis. This can be done by having frequent erections. They will also tone the penile muscles.

the dimensions of the penis cannot increase sharply. You have to first enhance your standard fitness. ingredients with better and longer erections are the first-rate natural remedies secure to lengthen and increase penis length.

here are a number of the fine home treatments to increase the scale of the penis.

The watermelon

To increase penis size and lengthen erections at domestic, consume watermelon. It carries a substance referred to as citrulline. it is then transformed to arginine which reasons dilation of the blood vessels within the penis.

keep away from smoking

the size of your penis depends on the blood drift to it and the quantity of blood it incorporates. Smoking narrows the blood vessels and, as a result, the blood circulate the penis is strangled, resulting in penile narrowing.

Penis ring

This tool will help your penis grow and live tall at some point of sex. you may get firming erections without drugs by way of the usage of a penis ring. It retains and enables you maintain blood within the penis for the duration of erection.

The penis pump

It covers the penis and works on the precept of vacuum aspiration. It draws blood into the penis and prolongs an erection. it’s far a harmless device and it temporarily increases the dimensions of the penis.

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It increases blood movement and, as a end result, it sends extra blood into the penis. you need to do a little physical activities for as a minimum an hour on the way to make bigger your penis.


Ginseng improves the function of the apprehensive system and increases the dimensions of your penis. It increases blood flow to the penis and promotes longer erections. Ginseng also improves sexual performance.

Ginkgo Biloba

This herb increases blood drift to the penis which makes it larger and less attackable. It additionally improves sexual overall performance. it is able to additionally assist guys who take antidepressants that lead to erectile dysfunction.


research has proven that guys with a healthy heart can gain some inches on the dimensions in their penis. Bananas are rich in potassium that is ideal in your heart. additionally they growth the blood move, which will increase the dimensions of the penis.

The onions

One have a look at showed that onions increase blood movement and save you blood clots. Onions enhance blood move to the penis which will increase its size. that is one of the pleasant ingredients to growth the size of the penis.

The salmon

To make your penis huge and robust, eat fatty fish. Salmon is rich in omega three, a terrific fatty acid for the coronary heart. It enables to solve the blood, which results in expanded blood go with the flow to the body’s organs which includes the penis. if you have true blood circulation, you can get more potent and stiffer erections.

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